Condensed cream VOLOKONOVSKOE with sugar, 400 g

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Condensed cream VOLOKONOVSKOE in a plastic bucket with a lid and a handle, weighing 400 g, prepared according to traditional recipes from normalized cream with added sugar. The product is obtained from natural cow's milk. Condensed cream has a thick, viscous texture, pleasant, balanced taste and delicate aroma of fresh cream. It is used for sandwiches, baked goods, as an additive in the filling for pancakes and pies, pastry creams. Cream can be added to tea, coffee, used as a sweet sauce for pancakes, cereals, cheese cakes, casseroles. You can buy condensed cream VOLOKONOVSKOE with sugar, 400 g in Lukime online store. Brand: VOLOKONOVSKOE. Producer: JSC "Belmolprodukt". Storage conditions: from 0 to 10 ° C. Shelf life: 365 days. Fat content: 15-20% . Nutritional value: fats - 19 g, proteins - 6 g, carbohydrates - 47.7 g. Proteins: 6 g. Fats: 19 g. Carbohydrates: 47.7 g. Caloric content: 352 kcal. Composition: normalized cream, sugar (sucrose ), fine-crystalline milk sugar (lactose). Packing length: 100 cm. Packing width: 100 cm. Packing height: 85 cm. Packing type: plastic can. Weight: 400 g.
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