Coconut milk FOCO Organic, 0,4l

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Coconut milk FOCO Organic, 0.4 l contains nutrients important for the human body and serves as a direct source of energy. The vitamin complex that is part of this product also has a beneficial effect. Coconut milk is suitable for preparing various dishes, it can be used for baking, it is added to smoothies, cocktails and coffee drinks, it is used in cooking during heat treatment of products. The original taste of coconut milk will add new notes to the already familiar dishes. You can buy coconut milk FOCO Organic, 0.4 l in Lukime online store. Nutritional value per 100 g: fat 10.22 g. Calorie content: 104.02 kcal. Proteins: 1.17 g, carbohydrates 1.84 g. Ingredients: processed coconut pulp 35%, water 65%. Country: Thailand. Storage conditions: in a cool dry place. Shelf life: 36 months. Usage information: use for making curries, soups, sauces. Stir well before use. Weight: 0.4 kg.
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