Chocolate candies INSPIRATION Truffle cream, 170g

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Chocolates Vdohnovenie with a double-layer truffle filling and whole hazelnuts inside - a pleasant start to the day. Do not deny yourself the pleasure, enjoy every moment of life. Inspiration sweets have stylish packaging; they can be handed over as an addition to the main gift or to flowers. Both adults and children love sweets. Truffle cream erases the bitterness of dark chocolate and gives it a special taste. Product quality is guaranteed by a certified management system that meets the requirements of GOST. Chocolate candies INSPIRATION Truffle cream have a gold medal and a first degree diploma. Ingredients: sugar, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa mass, milk fat substitute (vegetable), grated almond kernel, cocoa butter, whole hazelnut kernel, cocoa -powder, confectionery fat (vegetable), cognac, flavorings identical to natural Truffle, Chocolate-nut cream, emulsifiers E322, E476, alcohol. 100 g contains: proteins - 5.6 g; fats - 38.2 g; carbohydrates - 50.6 g. Energy value: 563 kcal / 100 g. Shelf life 8 months.
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