Ceylon tea AHMAD TEA Orange Peko, 200 g

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Ceylon tea AHMAD TEA Orange Peko, collected on high mountain plantations, 200 g has a rich aroma and taste. At the same time, only the ripe leaves are collected from the bushes, rich in nutrients. It takes 5-7 minutes to brew the drink. During this time, it acquires a rich golden color and tart taste. On cold winter evenings, this tea will help you warm up, and in the warm season it will invigorate and fill you with energy. A slice of lemon added to the drink will make it even tastier. You can buy AHMAD TEA Orange Peko Ceylon tea, 200 g in Lukime online store. Producer: Ahmad Tea Limited, China. Ingredients: black leaf tea. Shelf life: 24 months. Storage conditions: store in a dry place at relative humidity. air no more than 70%.
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