Cereal coffee JULIUS MEINL jubilee, 500g

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Gourmet coffee beans JULIUS MEINL Jubilaum, 500 g has a unique taste with a slight sourness and a wonderful aroma, which owes the best Arabica, collected in different parts of the world. The beans are medium roasted, due to which the finished drink acquires a rich balanced taste. A cup of this coffee, drunk in the morning, will help you wake up quickly, invigorate and fill you with energy for the whole day. Thanks to vacuum packing with a valve, the taste of coffee will be preserved for a long time. Producer: Austria. Composition: 100% Arabica. Nutritional value: proteins - 14.1 g, fats - 13.1 g, carbohydrates - 3.3 g. Energy value: 224 kcal . Expiration date: 18 months. Storage conditions: store in a cool dry place with air humidity not more than 70%.
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