Carbonated drink 7-UP, 2 l

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Carbonated drink 7-UP, 2 l will help out on a hot day, as it can quickly quench your thirst. The product is in a streamlined plastic bottle. The plastic is durable and lightweight, so soda can be carried or transported without worrying about its integrity. Contacting with the drink, the container does not affect its taste and aroma. Due to the ergonomic shape of the bottle, the soda is easy to hold in your hands. A delicious product will become an integral part of the menu as part of a country picnic, meeting with friends, any trip or event. It is not a complete substitute for the daily diet, but it can briefly muffle not only thirst, but also the feeling of hunger. Various refreshing cocktails can be prepared on the basis of the drink. You can buy 7-UP carbonated drink, 2 l in Lukime online store. Producer: OOO PepsiCo Holdings. Ingredients: water, sugar, acidity regulators (E296, E330, E331), flavoring , preservative (E211), sweeteners (E950, E955). Energetic value: 30 kcal. Nutritional value: proteins - 0 g; fats - 0 g; carbohydrates - 7.4 g. Degree of carbonation: highly carbonated. Storage conditions: at temperatures from 0 ° С to + 35 ° С and relative humidity of no more than 75%. Protect from direct sunlight. Shelf life: 180 days. Product volume: 2 l. Package: plastic bottle.
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