Caramel CHUPA CHUPS Exotic-tropical, 12 g

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Caramel CHUPA CHUPS Exotic-tropic, 12 g - a sweetness loved by both children and adults. It is prepared according to a unique recipe and contains exclusively natural ingredients. Caramel has a fruity tropical aroma and flavor, which was achieved using natural fruit syrups and extracts. The candy is not only tasty, but also healthy, as it is enriched with vitamin C. A convenient form of release allows you to take the caramel with you for a walk, on a long trip. You will always find CHUPA CHUPS caramel Exotic-Tropic, 12 g in Lukime online store. Petersburg, st. Repishcheva 18 Ingredients: sugar, syrup, chewing gum base, citric acid, natural and identical natural flavors, natural colors - red beetroot, paprika, malt extract Nutritional value: proteins - 0.3 g, fats - 0.1 g , carbohydrates - 95 g. Energy value: 380 kcal. Shelf life: 24 months. Storage conditions: store at a temperature of about 18 ┬░ C.
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