ALPRO walnut drink, 1 l

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ALPRO nut drink, 1 l is prepared on the basis of natural and high quality ingredients - soybeans, hazelnuts. The product contains no milk lactose at all, so it can be consumed by people with allergies to this product, as well as used as a lean food. Delicious and delicate milkshakes are prepared on the basis of the drink, it can be drunk in its pure form, mixed with muesli or cereals. The high content of antioxidants, vitamins and essential trace elements makes the drink suitable for baby food. You can buy ALPRO nut drink, 1 l in Lukime online store. Producer: Alpro, Belgium. Ingredients: water, sugar, hazelnuts (2.5%), tri-calcium phosphate, sea salt, stabilizers (locust bean gum , gellan gum), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), vitamins (riboflavin (B2), B12, E, D2). Nutritional value: proteins - 0.4 g, fats - 1.6 g, carbohydrates - 3.1 g. value: 44 kcal. Shelf life: 12 months. Storage conditions: at room temperature.
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