ALPRO coconut drink with rice, 1 l

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Coconut drink with ALPRO rice, 1 l - low-calorie, tasty and healthy product, which is prepared from exclusively high-quality and selected ingredients. A drink based on coconut milk does not contain milk lactose, sugar, but at the same time it is rich in B vitamins, contains a whole complex of minerals and is suitable for a lean table. It is completely ready-to-drink as a refreshing drink, and can also be added to cereals or the base of cocktails or smoothies. You can buy coconut drink with ALPRO rice, 1 l in Lukime online store. Producer: Alpro, Belgium. Ingredients: water, coconut milk (5.3%) (coconut cream, water), rice (3.3%) , tricalcium? phosphate, stabilizers (carrageenan, guar gum, xanthan gum), sea salt, vitamins (B12, D2), flavor are identical? Nutritional value: proteins - 0.1 g, fats - 0.9 g, carbohydrates - 2.7 g. Energetic value: 20 kcal. Shelf life: 12 months. Storage conditions: at room temperature.
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